Sjoerd van den Dries

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This paper describes a methodology for quickly learning to play games at a strong level. The methodology consists of a novel combination of three techniques, and a variety of experiments on the game of Othello demonstrates their usefulness. First, structures or topologies in neural network connectivity patterns are used to decrease the number of learning(More)
Sjoerd van den Dries Jos Elfring René van de Molengraft Maarten Steinbuch I. INTRODUCTION Domestic robots are typically confronted with a complex, dynamically changing and unstructured environment. In order to adequately perform tasks such as safe navigation and object manipulation, robots need an accurate description of the world. Such an environmental(More)
Cloud Computing can bring multiple benefits for Smart Cities. It permits the easy creation of centralized knowledge bases, thus straightforwardly enabling that multiple embedded systems (such as sensor or control devices) can have a collaborative, shared intelligence. In addition to this, thanks to its vast computing power, complex tasks can be done over(More)
The number of perception sensors on automated vehicles increases due to the increasing number of advanced driver assistance system functions and their increasing complexity. Furthermore, fail-safe systems require redundancy, thereby increasing the number of sensors even further. A one-size-fits-all multisensor data fusion architecture is not realistic due(More)
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