Sjoerd A.A. van den Berg

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Previously selected amyloid beta recognizing heavy chain antibody fragments (VHH) affinity binders derived from the Camelid heavy chain antibody repertoire were tested for their propensity to cross the blood-brain barrier (BBB) using an established in vitro BBB co-culture system. Of all tested VHH, ni3A showed highest transmigration efficiency which is, in(More)
Disturbances in the circadian system are associated with the development of type 2 diabetes mellitus. Here, we studied the direct contribution of the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN), the central pacemaker in the circadian system, in the development of insulin resistance. Exclusive bilateral SCN lesions in male C57Bl/6J mice, as verified by immunochemistry,(More)
In vitro glycolysis poses a problem during diabetes screening, especially in remote laboratories. Point-of-care analysis (POC) may provide an alternative. We compared POC, routine and STAT analysis and a feasible protocol during glucose tolerance test (GTT) for pregnancy diabetes (GDM) screening. In the routine protocol, heparin tubes were used and(More)
Variation in TP53 has been associated with cancer. The pro-allele of a TP53 polymorphism in codon 72 (rs1042522) has been associated with longevity. Recently, we showed that the same allele might be involved in preservation of glucose metabolism, body composition and blood pressure during ageing. Here, we assessed glucose tolerance and body composition in(More)
Many studies have focused on the effect of improper pre-analytical specimen handling on classification of gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) [1, 2], especially on false-negative diagnosis due to in vitro glycolysis [3]. However, little data is available on the effect of intralaboratory variation on classification of GDM, even though it was calculated that(More)
BACKGROUND Measurement of adequate glucose concentrations is complicated by in vitro breakdown of glucose due to glycolysis. Unlike the commonly used NaF-EDTA and NaF-oxalate phlebotomy tubes, citrated NaF-EDTA tubes are reported to directly and thereby completely inhibit glycolysis. Recently, Greiner introduced the Vacuette® FC-Mix NaF-EDTA-citrate tube,(More)
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