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Realistic and efficient reliability estimation for aerospace structures. Abstract In this paper an efficient procedure for calculating non-exceedance probabilities of the structural response is presented, with emphasis on structures modeled by large finite element systems with many uncertain parameters. This is a problem which receives considerable(More)
Reliability analysis of spacecraft structures under static and dynamic loading. Abstract The aim of the present paper is to demonstrate that, thanks to recently proposed simulation-based methods, it is now possible to efficiently analyse the reliability of large-scale structures modelled with very large FE systems. This capability is of paramount importance(More)
Preliminary European studies on the feasibility of statistical, Monte Carlo method based, spacecraft-launcher coupled loads analyses were performed in the early nineties. In the frame of a more recent study probabilistic analysis tools have been extended , which can be used to complement the de-terministic analysis approach. The method is again based on(More)
Static and dynamic reliability analysis of integral satellite in view of low failure probability. ABSTRACT In conventional safety-factor based design the uncertainty about structural and loading parameters is accounted for by means of safety factors which are applied in combination with the results of a deter-ministic analysis. In this case, however, the(More)
Uncertainty and reliability analysis of large aerospace structures. ABSTRACT The main objective of this investigation is to gain insight into the conservatism and robustness of spacecraft dimensioning on the basis of known or assumed uncertainties of launcher, spacecraft and mechanical environment and to make this specific experience available to the(More)
This paper describes an investigation of different variations of the robotic intervention protocol, a method for obtaining verbalization data from children during evaluation that involves using a social robot as a proxy for a test facilitator to prompt, ask, and help children thus encouraging them to verbalize their thoughts and experiences. A number of(More)
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