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The spontaneous Raman scattering signal acquired from the single-mode fiber sensor system is completely submerged in noise. In order to effectively detect and eliminate the noise, and to acquire more reliable signal, an improved method combined with cumulative average algorithm and wavelet transform is proposed in this paper and applies to eliminate the(More)
Particle swarm optimization (PSO) is a new type of evolutionary computation. This paper describes the basic principle of PSO algorithm. Then discusses and studies the influence factors of the inertia weight and the ability of optimization through some experiments. Finally, apply the improved PSO in electric power communication route selection; introduce the(More)
This paper introduced the integrated resource management system, using the CORBA technology, the author also analyzed the TMF184 protocol. The adapter is designed to transfer the general protocol interface information into a private one. Therefore, the configuration data and alarm data can be send from multi-manufacturers network management center.(More)
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