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This paper has extended the Atanassovpsilas interval valued intuitionistic fuzzy set, defined fuzzy number intuitionistic fuzzy set using fuzzy structured element method and provided some corresponding operations of the fuzzy number intuitionistic fuzzy. At the same time, the relationship among the fuzzy number intuitionistic fuzzy set, intuitionistic fuzzy(More)
The fuzzy point in two-dimensional plane was defined as a kind of circular fuzzy number in this article. And the concept of fuzzy number absolute value was put forward too. Based on structure element representation of the circular fuzzy number, it further defined fuzzy distance of fuzzy point, and showed that the distance satisfies axiomatic definition of(More)
For the need of studying the fuzzy plane or space geometry, under the background of plane or space fuzzy points, this paper presents the definition of the fuzzy number in R<sup>2</sup> based on the definition of fuzzy point which is introduced by Buckley, and define two-dimensional fuzzy number. In order to realize the expression of two-dimensional fuzzy(More)