Sizhu Zhou

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This paper presents a computer supported cooperative system for drilling rig design (CSCSDRD). It provides a requirement analysis, presents a general structure of the proposed system, and discusses the key techniques for the implementation of the proposed system. A prototype system has been implemented to validate the proposed approach.
A Visualized CAD design program system of the planet carrier of planetary gear reducer has been developed in the Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 integrated development environment. The program system of the Planet Carrier CAD is designed according to the software engineering method. An ACCESS database for the planet carrier of planetary gear reducer has been(More)
The basic structure of turbodrill is analyzed and the necessity of parametric design is presented. Being compared with the other methods of Solidworks parameter design, the dimension-driven method is chosen to develop a parametric program which can automatically create a series of models with different dimensions. Draft of bearing section assembly of(More)
According to the fact that the pump head of fracturing pump is one of the key component in petroleum fracturing technology equipment and also to guarantee fracturing technology successful implementation, the failure formation and influencing factors of pump head is presented combined with engineering application. Through the finite element analysis, the(More)
Based on the methods of the cooperative process design, multi-model cooperative process design system was designed in this paper. The system puts forward a new flowchart of cooperative process design, adopts the technique of Web service to set up a model of cooperative CAPP (computer aided process planning) system. As the four main modules, user management(More)
The optimization for petroleum high pressure wellhead gate valve stem is significant. Valve stem load calculation method is developed, and petroleum high pressure wellhead gate valve stem optimization model based on MATLAB is established, taking 2 9/16 inch 35MPa wellhead gate valve for an example, the stem weight decreases by 27%, consequently decreasing(More)
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