Sizhong Wu

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Stimulator of interferon genes (STING) is a central and multifaceted mediator in the innate immune response of higher vertebrates. To explore its role in teleost fish, the STING homolog of black carp (Mylopharyngodon piceus) (bcSTING) has been cloned and characterized in this paper. bcSTING transcription in Mylopharyngodon piceus fin (MPF) cells increased(More)
[equation: see text] An efficient one-pot route to unsymmetrical diorganyl selenides has been developed by ruthenium(III) chloride catalyzed reactions of dibenzyl or diphenyl diselenides with alkyl halides in the presence of zinc. Organic iodides, bromides, and activated chlorides underwent the reactions efficiently. Unreactive organic chlorides also(More)
Based on the analysis of the development and technical elements of the DMET, this paper discusses the possibility of DMET applied to the museum. It focus on the characteristics and limitations of traditional operation of the City’s, in particular, the small-scale city’s museum, with the help of a specific case study, and researches the technical framework(More)
this paper puts forward intelligent decision-making methods and decision-making path to resolve the current system problems, based on the analysis of the existing model of urban planning and management decision-making. It is necessary to build intelligent decision-making support system on evaluate the resources, target setting, programs comparison, projects(More)
Efficient regioselective addition of beta-diketones to styrenes, norbornene, cyclic enol ether, and diene has been realized by means of copper(II) triflate as the catalyst. The solvent effect is prominent on the reactions, and the desired addition products were obtained in good to excellent yields only in dioxane or ionic liquid [bmim]PF6. The mechanism(More)
Abstract—this paper firstly discussed what kind of special features the application of photogrammetry in urban land management need to face. And then, analyzed that the development of the modern digital photogrammetry technology provide the possibility the DOM technology applied in the management of urban land effectively. The effective Application(More)
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