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In this paper, an innovative method to analyze the software specifications by using a model based on the Markov Chain is proposed. It is well known that all kinds of software are executed via the instruction set of the processor. Since the instruction set can be classified and divided into a series of finite state (i.e. the finite-state machine), it is(More)
Pt/poly(3-hexylthiophene-2,5-diyl)/polyethylene oxide + Li+/Pt hetero junctions were fabricated, and their pulse responses were studied. The direct current characteristics were not symmetric in the sweeping range of ±2 V. Negative differential resistance appeared in the input range of 0 to 2 V because of de-doping (or reduction) in the side with the(More)
In this paper, a cache coherence scheme in multi-processor is introduced. There is a specific model in each kind of software, cache coherence can be solved in AHB bus by these models. First, we use dynamic address mapping policy to realize data cache. Second, according to the randomness of application environment that set up shared cache adaptive(More)
Race conditions in real-time systems may cause unexpected computing result. Due to the uncertainty of realtime systems, a race condition detected by many static and dynamic approaches may occur in one execution environment but may not occur in another execution environment. In this paper, an easy and practical approach based on probabilistic models is(More)
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