Siyuan Yu

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—Packet-switching characteristics are optimized across an integrated 4 4 optical crosspoint switch matrix consisting of active vertical-coupler-based switch cells. Optical gain difference between the shortest and the longest paths less than 3 dB is demonstrated. Bit error rate (BER) and power penalty measurements during packet routing have also been carried(More)
We experimentally demonstrate an optical node with time-space-and- wavelength domain contention resolution, deflection and dropping capability. The node is composed of an optical buffer based on an optical crossconnect and a wavelength converter. Although the experimental results are shown at 10 Gbit/s the bitrate can be increased substantially. Bit-error(More)
BACKGROUND Insulin resistance (IR) plays a vital role in the pathogenesis of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (T2DM). The mechanism of IR may be associated with inflammation, whereas the neutrophil-lymphocyte ratio (NLR) is a new indicator of subclinical inflammation. Scholars have rarely investigated the relationship between IR and NLR. This study aims to evaluate(More)
—Packet-switching characteristics of an integrated 4 4 InGaAsP–InP active vertical coupler optical cross-point switch matrix are optimized. Optical gain differences of less then 3 dB between the shortest and longest switching paths are achieved. Bit-error rate (BER) and power penalty measurements during packet routing have been carried out over the entire 4(More)
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