Siyuan Chen 陈思远

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The expressions of p-STAT3 and osteopontin in 22 cases of normal nevi and 43 cases of malignant melanoma were immunohistochemically detected, and the correlation between p-STAT3 and osteopontin in malignant melanoma and the correlations of p-STAT3 (or osteopontin) with invasion, metastasis and thickness of malignant melanoma were examined. The results(More)
To establish an animal model of benign lymphangiomas of C57BL/6 mouse in vitro and to observe the effect of mouse ascites melanoma cell B16-F1 on the lymphangiogenesis, 16 C57BL/6 mice aged 8 weeks were given two intraperitoneal injections of incomplete Freund’s adjuvant at a 15-day interval. The induced neoplasms were studied histopathologically and thhe(More)
Listeria monocytogenes (LM), a Gram-positive facultative intracellular bacterium, can be used as an effective exogenous antigen expression vector in tumor-target therapy. But for successful clinical application, it is necessary to construct attenuated LM stain that is safe yet retains the potency of LM based on the full virulent pathogen. In this study,(More)
In order to investigate the expression of endothelin receptor B (ETR-B) in human malignant melanoma (MM) cells A375 and SK-mel-1 and the proliferative effects of endothelin 3 (ET3) on A375 cells, RT-PCR was applied to detect the expression of ETR-B gene in human MM cells A375 and SK-mel-1. MTT method was used to evaluate the growth enhancing effects of ET3(More)
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