Siyu Wang

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For eukaryotic cells, the biological processes involving regulatory DNA elements play an important role in cell cycle. Understanding 3D spatial arrangements of chromosomes and revealing long-range chromatin interactions are critical to decipher these biological processes. In recent years, chromosome conformation capture (3C) related techniques have been(More)
Skin-derived precursors (SKPs) from dermis possess the capacities of self-renewal and multipotency. In vitro and in vivo studies demonstrated that they can differentiate into fibroblasts. However, little is known about the molecular mechanism of the differentiation of SKPs into fibroblasts. Here we compare the transcriptomes of mouse SKPs and SKP-derived(More)
The oncogenic STAT3 signaling pathway is emerging as a promising target for the treatment of multiple myeloma (MM). In the present study, we identified a novel STAT3 inhibitor SC99 in a target-based high throughput screen. SC99 inhibited JAK2-STAT3 activation but had no effects on other transcription factors such as NF-κB, and kinases such as AKT, ERK, and(More)
Colon cancer classification has a significant guidance value in clinical diagnoses and medical prognoses. The classification of colon cancers with high accuracy is the premise of efficient treatment. Our task is to build a system for colon cancer detection and classification based on slide histopathological images. Some former researches focus on single(More)
In this paper, channel heterogeneity's characteristics embodied in the transmission distance and interference distance. The paper calculates a difference frequency signal transmission distance loss, and defines the different channel which can support transmission and interference distance. The paper has got the spectrum sharing by simulations in the targets(More)
With the rapid development of network science and technology, experiment course plays a more and more important role in higher education. However, network experiments in colleges and universities are of low efficiency and poor flexibility because of limitations in different operation methods, device types, vendors and location distribution. This paper(More)
Indoor cleaning robots often work in peopled surroundings. Therefore, cleaning robots in domestic homes should not only clean efficiently but also harmoniously integrate with humans. This paper proposes to add cognitive abilities to intelligent cleaning robots, including environmental cognition, dynamic obstacles, and cleaning tasks. These cognition(More)