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—The multiple reflections develop in deep-sea. Especially in rough deep-sea bottom, the multiple is more complicated. Conventional radon transform filtering has its deficiency, and the effection is not obvious in multiple suppressing of seismic data in deep-sea. In order to achieve high resolution radon transform, this paper proposes an improved method.(More)
The elastic impedance is the combination of acoustic impedance inversion and AVO technology, which makes it more comprehensive and more intuitive to distinguish the oil and gas information. Nowadays, the studies on elastic impedance mainly focus on the derivation of new elastic impedance formulas and the qualitative analysis of practical application. But(More)
Exploration Seismology is a basic and important specialized subject of Geophysics in college. It's too hard to remember and understand so many concepts, processes and principles for students. And for teacher, the difficulties are how to explain these profound theories vividly in simple language. Based on this actual requirement, we developed the teaching(More)
Based on the 3-D visualization technique, by adjusting the attribute value, color, transparency of seismic data, the energy segments of the 3-D seismic volume could be displayed three-dimensionally, which supplied the deficiency of the conventional interpretation which couldn't display the shape of the geologic bodies. In this paper, the principle and(More)
—The researches and applications on ant colony algorithm have made great progress in recent years. A number of results have proved the validity of the algorithm and its advantages in some fields. However, its basic shortcomings, which are long searching time and easily jumping into local optimal solution, have not been completely solved. This paper analyzes(More)
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