Siyang Liao

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Due to the uneven geographical distribution between load and wind power, currently it is difficult to integrate the large-scale wind power into the State Grid in China. There are significant wind curtailments for wind farms due to system restrictions. This paper proposes a new way of utilizing wind power, i.e., in-situ consumption, as an alternative to the(More)
Load-damping characteristic models the load response to the frequency deviation, which has important impact on system frequency response. The load-damping coefficient is normally considered as a constant, obtained from operational experiences in large-scale power systems or from detailed load models in isolated power systems. An industrial isolated power(More)
Maintaining frequency stability is a necessity for an isolated power system. The frequency regulation participation of photovoltaic generation system (PVs) is vital for an isolated power system with large scale PVs penetration, especially when the frequency regulation capacity of the isolated power system is limited. The deloaded operation for PVs can(More)
This paper presents a novel coordinated control method of the frequency and voltage in an isolated industrial power system for aluminum production. The isolated system is on a wind penetration level around 40%. Since the particular structure and characteristic of the electrolytic aluminum, a reactive power closed loop control method based on frequency(More)
Efficient utilization of large-scale wind power is crucial to make the power industry economical and environment friendly. One way to consume wind power is through constructing isolated power systems with wind power supplying high energy consumption industries directly. However, one key issue, which limits the isolated power system for industry-wide(More)
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