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a r t i c l e i n f o In this paper we investigate the relationship between the energy intensity of Chinese cities and the location of foreign firms employing a unique dataset of 206 of the largest prefecture-level cities between 2005 and 2008. Our results reveal a non linear inverted-U shaped relationship between energy intensity and city-level per capita(More)
The ability of Combinatorial Testing (CT) to detect and locate the interaction triggered failure has been well studied. But CT still suffers from many challenges, such as modeling for CT, sampling mechanisms for test generation, applicability and effectiveness. To overcome these issues of CT, adaptive combinatorial testing (ACT) is proposed in this paper,(More)
A power self-adaptive algorithm for Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks has been proposed in the paper. The theoretical analysis are based on the Nakagami-3 model. The algorithm can automatically adjust the transmission power by sensing communication density, and meet the requirements of increasing the packets reception rate of receiving nodes and saving energy of(More)
A nonautonomous predator-prey difference model with functional response and time delays is investigated. By using some Lemmas and continuation theorem of coincidence degree theory, a set of sufficient conditions are established for the existence of difference system. Our result is substantiated through numerical example.
A Real-time Listening Based Self-adaptive Algorithm has been proposed in this paper. This algorithm is based on multi-serviced p-persistent model, it computes the collision/idle ratio according to four priorities of VANET to adjust the transmission probability with a self-adaptive strategy to enhance the channel efficiency. The algorithm improves system(More)
Understanding the fates of soil hydrological processes and nitrogen (N) is essential for optimizing the water and N in a dryland crop system with the goal of obtaining a maximum yield. Few investigations have addressed the dynamics of dryland N and its association with the soil hydrological process in a freeze-thawing agricultural area. With the daily(More)
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