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OBJECTIVE Loss of function mutations of Park7/DJ-1 gene increase the susceptibility of dopaminergic cells to reactive oxygen species and cause early onset familial Parkinson disease (PD). However, the mechanisms underlying dopaminergic neuron loss related to DJ-1 mutation remain undefined. Therefore, it is important to find the new mechanisms underlying the(More)
Sustainability issues don't normally manifest themselves for decades because either population growth rates or per capita income growth rates are relatively slow. But they become difficult to ignore when that is not the case as in China in the last two decades. China's rapid transformation from an agricultural based economy to the manufacturing workshop of(More)
We comprehensively illustrate a general process of fitting all-atom molecular mechanics force field (FF) parameters based on quantum mechanical calculations and experimental thermodynamic data. For common organic molecules with free dihedral rotations, this FF format is comprised of the usual bond stretching, angle bending, proper and improper dihedral(More)
Introduction The last decade has witnessed that random exchange models have been developed in the field of econophysics and applied into various economic issues. This kind of models was proposed to explore the underlying mechanism of wealth distribution or income distribution. Besides static distribution, these models have also been used to study the(More)
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