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An enclosure experiment in the shallow, subtropical Lake Donghu, China, was performed in the summer of 2001 to examine the effect of TN:TP (total phosphorus) ratios and P-reduction on the occurrence of Microcysitis blooms. The treatments were performed with enough amounts of N but with different amounts of P in the water column and sediment. Microcystis(More)
The present study is the first to report the total mercury concentration of 37 fish species collected from Wujiang River, which is the largest branch on the southern bank of Yangtze River, China and proposed for hydropower development. Total mercury concentrations varied among the 37 subtropical species examined. We found higher mercury concentrations in(More)
Using 3 cyprinid fish species zebra fish, rare minnow, and juvenile grass carp, we conducted assays of lethal reaction and ventilatory response to analyze sensitivity of the fish to 4 heavy metals. Our results showed that the 96 h LC50 of Hg(2+) to zebra fish, juvenile grass carp, and rare minnow were 0.14 mg L(-1), 0.23 mg L(-1), and 0.10 mg L(-1),(More)
The seasonal variations in macroinvertebrate communities in tropical, temperate and subarctic regions have been observed and well documented to date, but similar studies conducted in subtropical rivers at the regional scale are relatively rare. In this paper, the macroinvertebrate communities from the main tributaries in the Three Gorges Reservoir Catchment(More)
Mercury concentrations in fish were investigated downstream from a newly impounded subtropical reservoir in August 2008. After 6-7 months of reservoir impoundment, mean mercury concentration in fish from downstream is significantly increased by 1.9 times. Not only carnivorous fish but also benthic fish had significantly higher total mercury concentrations(More)
Surveys on pre- and post-impoundment total mercury concentrations in water, seston and fish were conducted during 2007-2008 in the Wujiang River, southwest China. Compared with the pre-impoundment, total mercury in the reservoir and downstream water rapidly increased by 164-303 % during the first half year of flooding, and then decreased by 61.7-62.2 %(More)
INTRODUCTION From December 2008 to November 2009, an investigation of water quality was performed in the 70-km long downstream from Gezhouba Dam in Yangtze River. METHODS Twelve sites in all were chosen. Nine parameters of water quality including the total phosphorus, the total nitrogen, chlorophyll a (Chl.a), nitrite, nitrate, ammonia, water temperature,(More)
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