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The control method and a stable operation of high-rise building elevators are currently hot spots of the programmable logic controller in elevator control research. This paper focused on five-story elevators, designs and implements a speed-regulation elevator control system using combination of OMRON CJ1M programmable logic controller and Yasukawa Inverter.(More)
Cluster is one of the most popular techniques to resolve the problem, in which the scalability of Internet servers is becoming more and more important. However, as well known, Web server cluster schemes have a lot of disadvantages, such as lack of self-organization, existing bottleneck of system. This paper proposes a model of server cluster based on mobile(More)
The storeroom of live working insulated tools of power system has some special requirements such as temperature and humidity. In general, the temperature is stabilized at a particular value and the humidity is higher than a certain value. The storeroom temperature and humidity are mainly controlled by the heater, dehumidifier and air-conditioning(More)
It is difficult to structure a precise math mode in the control of room's temperature for air-conditioning, because the controlled system has nonlinearity,change parameters, large delay and more disturbing. A new controller based on fuzzy control theory is designed to control room's temperature for air-conditioning in this paper.In the control,neural(More)
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