Siwei Qiang

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A sudden social crowd event is serious to public safety as it usually triggers huge number of people who are overwhelming to existing public facilities. Detection, early warning of such social crowd events is very important to the city administration but a very challenging problem in research. In this paper, we aim to solve this problem by using the(More)
Micro-blogging services can track users’ geo-locations when users check-in their places or use geo-tagging which implicitly reveals locations. This “geo tracking” can help to find topics triggered by some events in certain regions. However, discovering such topics is very challenging because of the large amount of noisy messages (e.g. daily conversations).(More)
We investigated the power consumption of the Bandwidth-Variable Optical Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (BV-OOFDM) transport networks. OFDM has been recently proposed as a modulation technique for optical networks due to its good spectral efficiency enabling elastic bandwidth transmissions compared with Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM). So(More)
Mobile devices equipped with geo-location modules facilitate researches on the nature of human mobility. While valuable contributions have been made to discover trajectory patterns from movement history, there are still not a comparative amount of works specialized in analyzing how trajectory patterns change over time. In this paper, we facilitate this(More)
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