Sivasubramaniam Nandhini

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The color space conversion employs a significant function in preprocessing phase of digital image processing. Color conversion can improve the quality of images. The color space conversion is used in various applications such as commercial, multimedia, computer vision, visual tracking systems etc. The objective is to convert one color space to another and(More)
OFDM/OQAM is preferred as multicarrier system which operates over a multipath channel. By using the multipath channel the signal-to-noise ratio. In earlier, sub carriers are used to transmit the signals. Nowadays, FFT and DFT are used for transmitting the signals based upon the bit values. AWGN is a channel used to identify the noise produced at the output(More)
The Core Stateless Fair Queuing (CSFQ) is a distributed approach of Fair Queuing (FQ). The limitations include its inability to estimate fairness during large traffic flows, which are short and bursty (VoIP or video), and also it utilizes the single FIFO queue at the core router. For improving the fairness and efficiency, we propose an Enhanced Core(More)
Modern DSP systems are often well suited to VLSI implementation. Indeed, they are often technically feasible or economically viable only if implemented using VLSI technologies.. The paper is focused on the design of an efficient VLSI architecture for FIR filters which aims at reducing the power consumption and also to reduce the hardware complexity. In the(More)
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