Sivaraman Rajan

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A simple, rapid and selective method was developed for the estimation of amlodipine from human plasma. The method involves a simple protein precipitation techniques using nifedipine as internal standard. Chromatographic separation was carried out on a reverse phase C18 column using mixture of 50 mM potassium di hydrogen ortho phosphate (pH 7.5) and(More)
The diversity and abundance of culturable bacteria in Kongsfjorden water (15 stations) and sediments (12 stations) were studied. Viable numbers ranged between 105–106 CFU l−1 in water and 102–104 CFU g−1 in the sediments. A total of 291 and 43 bacterial isolates were retrieved from the water (KJF) and sediments (FS), respectively. Based on 16S rRNA gene(More)
Traditional physicians in and around Kotagiri village near Ootacamund, use a mixture of powdered roots of Cassia occidentalis, Derris brevipes variety coriacea and Justicia simplex to control female fertility. A mixture of powdered roots of these three plants, powdered root of Derris brevipes variety coriacea and its ethanolic extract were screened for(More)
The Nilgiri is a popular massif towering high in the Western Ghats in South India with an altitude of 2623 m. Nature has been magnanimous in bestowing Nilgiri district with rich evergreen temperate to tropical forests. A high degree of biodiversity, marked by varied flora and fauna of good therapeutic potential as well as the varied number of indigenous(More)
A simple, rapid, precise RP-HPLC method was developed for simultaneous estimation of plumbagin and embelin containing different extract. The maximum resolution was achieved by using mobile phase acetonitrile: 50 mM potassium dihydrogen phosphate buffer: acetonitrile in the ratio (45:55) at pH 3.5.This mixture was found to be appropriate allowing good(More)
Since ancient times Caesalpinia sappan heartwood dye has been well-known for its medicinal and dyeing properties. Isolation of the red dye using both conventional and newly developed microwave method was carried out. The conventional heating of 2 h provided 0.656 +/- 0.049 g of the dye and by microwave heating at 540 W for 20 min, the yield obtained was(More)
Alcoholic extract of leaf and stem bark of A. excelsa at a dose of 250 mg equivalent of plant material/kg body weight, exhibited remarkably high anti-implantation and early abortifacient activities. The results are in agreement with the traditional use of this plant as a abortifacient by the Irula women of the Nilgiri district.
Ethanolic extracts of Ailanthus exceisa (AE). Toddalia asiatica (TA) and Araucaria bidwilli (AB) were screened by the anti-pyretic activity in yeast induced hyperthermic test model in the laboratory. Dose of AE (100), TA (60) and AB (30) mg., equivalent of the plant material per kg. Body weight of the extracts were administered orally to the female albino(More)
A simple, selective, rapid, precise and economical reverse phase high performance liquid chromatographic method has been developed for the simultaneous estimation of paracetamol and diclofenac potassium from pharmaceutical formulation. The method was carried out on a Phenomenex LUNA C18 (25 cm x 4.6 mm i.d., 5 μ) column with a mobile phase consisting of(More)