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BACKGROUND Clinical trials are mandatory for evidence-based practice. Hardly, any data are available regarding the number of clinical trials and their methodological quality that are conducted in allied fields of medicine. OBJECTIVE The present study was envisaged to assess methodological quality of trials in allied medical fields. MATERIALS AND METHODS(More)
Neural networks are a computational paradigm model of the human brain that has become popular in recent years. We have tried to address the problem of Gliomaby creating a more accurate classifier which can act as an expert assistant to medical practitioners. Brain stem gliomas are now recognized as a heterogenous group of tumors. In this paper, proposed a(More)
A b s t r a c t Most of the image retrieval systems are still incapable of providing retrieval result with high retrieval accuracy and less computational complexity. Image Retrieval technique to retrieve similar and relevant Computed Tomography (CT) images of lung from a large database of images. During the process of retrieval, a query image which contains(More)
Magnetic resonance (MR) images are a very useful tool to detect the tumor growth in brain but precise brain image segmentation is a difficult and time consuming process. Manual segmentation of brain tumors from MR images is a challenging and time consuming task. In this paper our approach has been discussed to detect the volume of brain tumor cells using(More)
  • S Gowri, Shanthi, Selvadoss Antony, Thanamani
  • 2012
The data set contains WWW-pages collected from computer science departments of various universities in January 1997 by the World Wide Knowledge Base project of the CMU text learning group. The 8,282 pages were manually classified into 7 classes: 1) student, 2) faculty, 3) staff, 4) department, 5) course, 6) project and 7) other. For each class the data set(More)
Others being, an artificial set of teeth or complete denture that is made once is forever, Professional cleaning/scaling/ removal of tartar loosens the teeth. Charcoal, salt, rice husk, tobacco, etc., in powder form is better than toothpaste in cleaning and presence of teeth at birth is harmful to grandparents, which all are incorrect. These myths can be(More)
INTRODUCTION Pilot studies play a pivotal role in deciding whether a main study can be undertaken thereby helping in appropriate framing of time, cost and study methods. However, they cannot be employed for testing a hypothesis and are underpowered in detecting clinically significant differences between the treatment arms. Literature from the west has shown(More)
Obtaining negative or contradicting results, whereas conducting a study has always been overlooked as inadequacies on the part of the researcher. Many-a-times, negative results are arrived at even after conducting the study with great care and effort. This cannot be considered, a flaw, always. Contradicting results may be arrived at because of various(More)