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4-Chloro 4-nitrostilbene (CONS) a new organic nonlinear optical material has been synthesized. Employing slow evaporation method, good optical quality single crystals (dimensions up to 6×2×3 mm(3))(More)
Nonlinear optical single crystal of L-Proline trichloroacetate (L-PTCA) was successfully grown by Slow Evaporation Solution Technique (SEST). The grown crystals were subjected to single crystal X-ray(More)
The 3-Hydroxy Benzaldehyde-N-methyl 4-Stilbazolium Tosylate (3- HBST) is a new organic NLO crystal and it is a new derivative in stilbazolium tosylate family. In this work we have synthesized 3-HBST(More)
Single crystals of organic optical material, 2-[2-(4-Diethylamino-phenyl)-vinyl]-1-methyl-pyridinium naphthalene-2-sulfonate (DESNS) (15×10×9 mm(3)) were grown by a slow evaporation technique at room(More)