Sivanand Krishnan

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Loop antennas of circumference greater than a wavelength are generally known to have a good directive radiation pattern. However, for use in UWB applications, the variation of the radiation pattern with frequency must also be taken into account. Besides a good wideband radiation pattern, the impedance bandwidth of the antenna is also very important. The(More)
An IEEE 802.11b/g WLAN beamformer is presented here. The system comprises of a beamforming network with controller modules integrated onto a PCB, and 4 equispaced monopole antenna array. A beamforming network is realised using cost effective power dividers, delay lines, and digital attenuators, as an alternative method to replace costly digital phase(More)
This document summarizes the UWB channel parameters reported in the literature for indoor office environments. At the end of this document, a set of unique channel parameters, which are suitable for studying the performances of 15.4a PHY proposals in indoor office environments, is recommended based on the generic channel model proposed in [22].]
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