Sivan Lilienthal

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Acrylamide/acrylamide-modified nucleic acid copolymer chains provide building units for the construction of acrylamide-DNA hydrogels. Three different hydrogels are prepared by the cross-linking of the acrylamide-DNA chains with metal ion-dependent DNAzyme sequences and their substrates. The metal ion-dependent DNAzyme sequences used in the study include the(More)
Non-Boolean computations implementing operations on multi-valued variables beyond base 2 allow enhanced computational complexity. We introduce DNA as a functional material for ternary computing, and in particular demonstrate the use of three-valued oligonucleotide inputs to construct a 3 3 multiplication table. The system consists of two three-valued inputs(More)
Herein, a method to construct stimuli-responsive DNA-acrylamide-based hydrogel microcapsules has been presented. This method involves the use of polyacrylamide chains modified with predesigned nucleic acid hairpin units and optionally single-strand tethers that provide the required hybridization and recognition functions to yield substrate-loaded(More)
The concentration of molecules can be changed by chemical reactions and thereby offer a continuous readout. Yet computer architecture is cast in textbooks in terms of binary valued, Boolean variables. To enable reactive chemical systems to compute we show how, using the Cox interpretation of probability theory, one can transcribe the equations of chemical(More)
Institute of Chemistry, Center for Nanosc University of Jerusalem, Jerusalem 91904, Is Institute of Life Science, The Hebrew Univer † Electronic supplementary information ( characterization of nucleic acid-modie images of microcapsules; calibration c synthesis of DOX-D; CD spectra of pH-re hydrogel membranes. See DOI: 10.1039/c6 ‡ These authors contributed(More)
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