Sivan Lieberman

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OBJECTIVE To evaluate the diagnostic efficacy of image-guided cutting-edge-needle biopsy of peripheral lymph nodes and superficial masses for the diagnosis of lymphoma, for which many still advocate open surgical resection. METHODS A retrospective analysis was performed of the medical records of 114 lymphoma patients who presented with peripheral(More)
Behçet disease is a multisystemic and chronic inflammatory disorder of unknown cause that is characterized by recurrent oral and genital ulcerations, ocular manifestations, and additional clinical manifestations in multiple organ systems. Behçet disease involving the chest can manifest as a wide spectrum of abnormalities. Although conventional chest(More)
In this work, we examine the strength of deep learning approaches for pathology detection in chest radiographs. Convolutional neural networks (CNN) deep architecture classification approaches have gained popularity due to their ability to learn mid and high level image representations. We explore the ability of CNN learned from a non-medical dataset to(More)
This report describes the use of confocal laser microscopy (CLM) with CT-guided transthoracic needle biopsy (TTNB) for the diagnosis of heterogeneous large mediastinal and lung tumors. The procedure was performed in five patients diagnosed with a mediastinal mass and five patients diagnosed with a lung mass. CLM was used before CT-guided TTNB. Fluorescein(More)
We report a case of hemimegalencephaly diagnosed by prenatal MRI with an emphasis on its appearance on diffusion-weighted images. This case shows that in this condition the enlarged hemisphere may show restricted diffusion on prenatal MRI. In our opinion, this finding may result from a combination of increased cellularity and advanced myelination in the(More)
BACKGROUND Occult breast cancer without clinically or mammographically detectable breast tumor is an uncommon presentation. OBJECTIVES To assess the role of breast MRI in women with metastatic carcinoma and an occult primary, and to define the MRI characteristics of the primary breast tumor. METHODS This retrospective study evaluated 20 women with(More)
OBJECTIVE We estimated the accuracy and safety of imaging-guided needle biopsy for the diagnosis of suspected malignant lymphoma in patients with a splenic lesion. CONCLUSION Imaging-guided small-bore cutting-edge needle biopsy of splenic lesions is a safe procedure. In most patients with primary or recurrent lymphoma, the disease subtype can be diagnosed(More)
BACKGROUND Primary hepatic sarcoma is a rare tumour with a poor prognosis. METHODS From 1997 to 2002 eight patients had liver resection for primary sarcoma of the liver at our institution. The clinical characteristics, imaging findings, surgical procedures, adjuvant therapy and outcome were retrospectively reviewed. There were two patients each with(More)
The effect of isradipine versus hydrochlorothiazide on the lipid profile of 44 hypertensive patients was investigated in a double-blind, randomized, 2-center trial. Lipid profiles included total cholesterol, serum triglycerides, high density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol, HDL subclasses, (HDL2 and HDL3), low density lipoprotein cholesterol, very low density(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe the spectrum and frequency of computed tomographic (CT) features in tuboovarian abscess (TOA) in order to increase the utility of computed tomography in diagnosing this condition. STUDY DESIGN Search of our hospital registry found 22 patients diagnosed with TOA who underwent pelvic tomography between the years 1998 and 2001. A(More)