Sivakumari Supramaniam

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In search tasks that are otherwise identical, adults process strings of letters differently from strings of other shapes (Hammond & Green, 1982). This result has implications for word recognition and reading, and it is important to establish its developmental sequence. Two groups of primary school children and an adult control group completed a similar(More)
The UCLS questionnaire, in a form modified to include a measure of syllabus-boundness, and a questionnaire to measure psychiatric symptomatology (the MHQ) were administered to two groups of students, one seeking help for emotional problems, the other a control group. Groups were compared on tests, test findings were inter-correlated, and scores were related(More)
Seven-year-old children classified as good and poor readers carried out a proofreading task on two passages varying in level of difficulty. Misspellings were introduced by transposing two adjacent letters in the work "the," other three-letter words, and longer words. While both groups of readers were able to identify the correct spelling of the misspelled(More)
In pursuit of improving people‘s wellbeing and engaging in positive marketing, this paper addresses the application of Vickers‘ Appreciation System to deepen our understanding of how people comprehend their environment and respond to improve their situation. The paper highlights how companies can collaboratively engage in people‘s appreciation and support(More)
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