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Stator winding insulation failure has been one of the major faults in electrical machines due to the degradation of winding insulation materials. The turn-to-turn short circuit fault indicates an early stage of insulation failure. This fault produces distortion of space harmonics in the air gap magnetic field. Capturing these harmonics and reflecting their(More)
In this paper, a model-based integrated framework for diagnosis and prognosis of electrical machines is proposed. Since the fault progression, compared to the dynamics of the measured terminal quantities, can be considered as a slow process, it can be approximately modeled by the step changes of certain model-based parameters, representing fault severity(More)
Stator winding inter-turn fault is a common fault in induction machines. Although various indicators have been proposed for detection of this fault in low-voltage induction machines, no comparison has been studied and there is no guide to industrial applications towards advanced health monitoring systems where failure prognosis is installed besides(More)
With the increasing demand of high reliability and safety of modern electric machines, failure prognosis becomes more and more important since it is efficient to increase reliability and reduce downtime cost. In this work, a model-based remaining useful life (RUL) prediction method is developed for induction motor with stator winding short circuit fault.(More)
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