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A Novel Water-Soluble, Conducting Polymer Composite for Mild Steel Acid Corrosion Inhibition
A novel water-soluble conducting polymer composite, poly(vinyl alcohol-histidine) was synthesized from aqueous solution by free radical condensation using persulfate. The composite was characterizedExpand
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Water soluble conducting polymer composite of polyvinyl alcohol and leucine: An effective acid corrosion inhibitor for mild steel
A new corrosion inhibitor namely poly(vinyl alcohol-leucine) composite (PVAL) has been synthesized and its influence on corrosion inhibition of mild steel in 1 M hydrochloric acid solution has beenExpand
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Study of adsorption properties and inhibition of mild steel corrosion in hydrochloric acid media by water soluble composite poly (vinyl alcohol-omethoxy aniline)
Abstract The efficiency of new water soluble composite namely, poly (vinyl alcohol-o-methoxy aniline) PVAMOA has been studied for corrosion inhibition of mild steel in 1 M hydrochloric acid (HCl).Expand
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Usefulness of Activated Carbon Prepared from Industrial Wastes in the Removal of Nickel from Aqueous Solution
Elimination of heavy metals like nickel from waste water is an important subject in view of public health. In the present study, an attempt has been made to study the applicability of industrialExpand
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In the present study, we investigated a problem of steady laminar mixed convection flow over a vertically stretching sheet with partial slip under convective surface boundary condition. The governingExpand
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Ozone based food preservation: a promising green technology for enhanced food safety
ABSTRACT Extending shelf life of food products is a major concern of the producers, and the food industry requires ‘greener’ alternatives to the current technologies. Ozone-based food preservationExpand
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The water soluble composite poly(vinylpyrrolidone–methylaniline): A new class of corrosion inhibitors of mild steel in hydrochloric acid media
Abstract In recent years poly methyl aniline has been reported as one of the efficient corrosion inhibitors of mild steel in acidic media. In view of the major limitation of the insolubility ofExpand
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Application of Multi Criteria Decision Making Tools and Validation with Optimization Technique-Case Study using TOPSIS, ANN & SAW
Multi-criteria decision making has been one of the fastest growing areas during the last decades depending on the changing’s in the business sector. Decision maker(s) need a decision aid to decideExpand
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A systematic and scientific approach to the extraction and dyeing with a natural dye on silk-annatto seeds dye.
Due to environmental awareness created among masses worldwide by environmentalists and green peace activists and hazards of certain synthetic dyes, people have realized the potential of natural dyesExpand
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