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Tlx3 (HOX11L2) is regarded as one of the selector genes in excitatory versus inhibitory fate specification of neurons in distinct regions of the nervous system. Expression of Tlx3 in a post-mitotic immature neuron favors a glutamatergic over GABAergic fate. The factors that regulate Tlx3 have immense importance in the fate specification of glutamatergic(More)
Differential regulation of Brn3b is essential for the Retinal Ganglion Cell (RGC) development in the two phases of retinal histogenesis. This biphasic Brn3b regulation is required first, during early retinal histogenesis for RGC fate specification and secondly, during late histogenesis, where Brn3b is needed for RGC axon guidance and survival. Here, we have(More)
The process of neurogenesis is well orchestrated by the harmony of multiple cues in a spatiotemporal manner. In this review, we focus on how a dynamic gene, Hes1, is involved in neurogenesis with the view of its regulation and functional implications. Initially, we have reviewed the immense functional significance drawn by this maestro during neural(More)
The role of Wnt5a has been extensively explored in various aspects of development but its role in cerebellar development remains elusive. Here, for the first time we unravel the expression pattern and functional significance of Wnt5a in cerebellar development using Wnt5a-/- and Nestin-Cre mediated conditional knockout mouse models. We demonstrate that loss(More)
Homeobox gene Tlx3 is known to promote glutamatergic differentiation and is expressed in post-mitotic neurons of CNS. Contrary to this here, we discovered that Tlx3 is expressed in the proliferating progenitors of the external granule layer in the cerebellum, and examined factors that regulate this expression. Using Pax6(-/-)Sey mouse model and molecular(More)
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