Siva Somasundaram

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Character segmentation is a necessary preprocessing step for character recognition in many license plate recognition systems. It is important because incorrectly segmented characters are less likely to be recognized correctly. In this article segmentation scheme of Indian LP has been proposed with some unconventional and easy-to implement technique —(More)
Multiple description coding (MDC) schemes have become popular as robustness tools in packet switched networks where multiple paths with varying packet loss rates are available. In this paper we propose a new MDC scheme for video using 3D wavelet decomposition. The spatio-temporal coefficients are then grouped using either a random, uniform scheme or a(More)
We present a hybrid approach to image watermarking that exploits results from both information theory and perceptual studies. Towards this purpose we use a waterfilling-type algorithm to establish a connection between information theoretic and perceptually based watermarking. Information theoretic capacity formula for a Gaussian signal over a Gaussian(More)
Delivering multimedia content over the network pose several challenges that include higher bandwidth and sensitivity to packet losses resulting due to congestion and/or transmission errors. Multiple description coding (MDC) is one of the source coding approaches to alleviate the problems of packet loss in a network since MDC splits the source information(More)
A Hybrid approach involving new thresholding method for binarizing the LP plate area with the background combined with a Centre Weighted Median Filter-CWMF noise pre-processing algorithm to get a clear Indian LP area to be passed on to the new zone character segmentation algorithm to get a near perfect segmented LP characters output. The thresholding(More)
One of the important phases in Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) is the recognition or decoding of license plate characters from segmented individual character images in to ASCII characters. The accuracy of the character recognition determines ultimately the performance of the system. Since the ALPR receives images from live traffic, a(More)
A hybrid character segmentation algorithm is proposed here involving license plate normalization and object enhancement technique as an image preprocessing step, followed by Hough transformation based horizontal and vertical segmentation steps for Indian LP Character segmentation. Character segmentation is an important step in Automatic License Plate(More)