Siva Somasundaram

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Multiple description coding (MDC) schemes have become popular as robustness tools in packet switched networks where multiple paths with varying packet loss rates are available. In this paper we propose a new MDC scheme for video using 3D wavelet decomposition. The spatio-temporal coefficients are then grouped using either a random, uniform scheme or a(More)
We present a hybrid approach to image watermarking that exploits results from both information theory and perceptual studies. Towards this purpose we use a waterfilling-type algorithm to establish a connection between information theoretic and perceptually based watermarking. Information theoretic capacity formula for a Gaussian signal over a Gaussian(More)
Controlling of magnetic ball suspension system using hybrid Iterative Learning Controller (ILC) is investigated in this study. Hybrid ILC modifies the control input for the next iteration by learning from the present input and the errors of previous iteration without reconfiguration of the existing Proportional, Integral and Derivative (PID) controller.(More)
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