Siva Sivarajasingam

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OBJECTIVES Social and economic marginalization are significant problems for many people living with mental illness. Clinicians and policy-makers have increased their focus on these aspects of recovery. Current outcome measures, however, do not support this focus, and detailed functional measures are not suitable for routine clinical use. This report(More)
Dairy sires were ranked for overall merit by an average daughter's contribution to farm net profit. Biological characteristics of sires and economic factors of a dairy farm were linked by linear programming. Availability and constraints of resources were in the model. Average daughter's returns over variable costs attributable to sire proofs for several(More)
SUMMARY Methods to associate animals between periods (grouping of records within a calving season into a 60-day interval starting from the date of the first calf born for 400-day weight analysis) within the contemporary group classification on sexmanagement group-date of weighing, using an animal model were compared. The data were derived from ten Angus(More)
Injectable vitamin A was given to six pregnant beef cows in their last third of pregnancy to study the effect of this vitamin in their calves. Average birth weight and growth rate of calves from the treated cows were higher than that of calves from the nontreated cows. Prepartum vitamin A injections also resulted in a significant increase (P less than 0.05)(More)
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