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Spatial indexing has been one of the active focus areas in recent database research. Several variants of Quadtree and R-tree indexes have been proposed in database literature. In this paper, we first describe briefly our implementation of Quadtree and R-tree index structures and related optimizations in Oracle Spatial. We then examine the relative merits of(More)
1 Introduction With the advent of GIS, multi-media, and warehousing technologies, database systems have started focusing on storage and access of multi-dimensional data such as spatial, OLAP, image, audio, and video attributes. As a step in this direction, Oracle% launched the interMedia product to support spatial and image data, and Materialized Views (MV)(More)
Spatial data in CAD/CAM and geographic information systems involve arbitrarily-shaped 2-and 3-dimensional geometries. Queries on such complex geometry data involve identification of data geometries that interact with a specified query geometry. Since geometry-geometry comparisons are expensive due to the large sizes of the data geometries, spatial engines(More)
Spatial indexes play a major role in fast access to spatial and location data. Most commercial applications insert new data in bulk: in batches or arrays. In this paper, we propose a novel bulk insertion technique for R-Trees that is fast and does not compromise on the quality of the resulting index. We present our experiences with incorporating the(More)