Siva R Sarathy

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The advanced oxidation process utilizing ultraviolet and hydrogen peroxide (UV/H(2)O(2)) is currently applied in commercial drinking water applications for the removal of various organic pollutants. Natural organic matter (NOM) present in the source water can also be oxidized and undergo changes at the fluence and H(2)O(2) concentrations applied in(More)
The impact of hydroxyl radical (*OH) on the molecular weight distribution of natural organic matter (NOM) was investigated. *OH was generated via the photolysis of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) by ultraviolet (UV) radiation of 254 nm, also known as UV/ H2O2 advanced oxidation (AO). Additionally, the impact of combined membrane and UV/H2O2 treatment on the(More)
There has been significant activity in the computational structural mechanics community, in developing methods to identify, assess and predict the effects of explosive blast loading on structures. The use of high performance computing tools in analysis and prediction of blast loading has provided unprecedented insight and understanding on the mechanisms of(More)
The present study examines the relationship between the degree of solubilization and biodegradability of wastewater sludge in anaerobic digestion as a result of low-temperature thermal pre-treatment. The main effect of thermal pre-treatment is the disintegration of cell membranes and thus solubilization of organic compounds. There is an established(More)
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