Siva Krishna Rao

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In this paper we introduce a new cost function called information theoretic mean shift algorithm to capture the "predominant structure" in the data. We formulate this problem with a cost function which minimizes the entropy of the data subject to the constraint that the Cauchy-Schwartz distance between the new and the original dataset is fixed to some(More)
A pumping system powered from Photovoltaic array is modeled and simulated using Matlab Simulink. Detailed evaluation of energy processing in Photovoltaic pumping system is presented. A low voltage DC is stepped by using DC to DC Push -Pull converter. DC output from the PV Cell is converted into high frequency AC using a Push Pull Inverter. This is stepped(More)
_ Inverted pendulum control is one of the fundamental and interesting problems in the field of control theory. This paper describes the steps to design various controllers for a rotary motion inverted pendulum which is operated by a rotary servo plant, SRV 02 Series. Nonlinear model of the rotary inverted pendulum and linear model (Upright) in the(More)
Global Positioning System (GPS) is a satellite based navigation system. The GPS system positional accuracy is limited by ionospheric error. Ionospheric delay is a function of Total Electron Content (TEC). Prediction of ionospheric delays is very important for high precision application such as civil aircraft landing and missile guidance application. In this(More)
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