Siva Kondapalli

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The Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) DataGrid (NDG) aims to provide a framework for the discovery and use of data needed in NERC research. To support this, the NDG has developed a metadata and data model. The data model is directly concerned with the representation and use of the data, with the metadata model covering the discovery and(More)
The NDG project began in September 2002. The aim of the project is to utilise the promise of grid technologies to allow members of a virtual organisation (the NERC community) to share environmental data held in disparate institutions. The NDG virtual organisation will begin with elements of the oceanographic and atmospheric community, but aims to expand to(More)
The Climate Science Modelling Language (CSML) has been developed by the NERC DataGrid (NDG) project as a standards-based data model and XML markup for describing and constructing climate science datasets. It uses conceptual models from emerging standards in GIS to define a number of feature types, and adopts schemas of the Geography Markup Language (GML)(More)
Data services for the grid have focussed so far primarily on virtualising access to distributed databases, and encapsulating file location. However, orchestration of services requires richer information semantics than these mechanisms provide. Service inputs and outputs must be semantically matched, or characterised in order that sensible transformations(More)
NERC DataGrid (NDG) will provide discovery of and access to a range of environmental data. Here we describe the deployment of the Reference Model for Open Distributed Processing (RMODP) to architect NDG development. RM-ODP was adopted as a formal architecture methodology because of the close match between Grids and ODP system concepts. The process provides(More)
The NERC DataGrid (NDG) is a UK e-science project that provides discovery of, and virtualised access to, a wide variety of climate and earth system science data. We present an overview of key elements of the NDG architecture from a number of perspectives, from an enterprise viewpoint, to the relationship to key ISO standards, and to the underlying metadata(More)
The NERC DataGrid (NDG) project has been investigating vocabularies describing measurements or model outputs for use in its ‘discovery’ and ‘use’ metadata schema. It has been recognised that the two types of metadata have significantly different requirements of this type of vocabulary and therefore that more than one vocabulary is required. Automated(More)
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