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The comet assay is a widely used biomonitoring tool for DNA damage. The most commonly used cells in human studies are lymphocytes. There is an urgent need to find an alternative target human cell that can be collected from normal subjects with minimal invasion. There are some reports of buccal cells, collected easily from the inside of the mouth, being used(More)
Oxidative stress is increased in Type 2 diabetes and this appears to underlie the development of diabetic complications. Increased oxidative stress is claimed to be triggered directly by acute (sudden-onset) hyperglycemia, but published data do not clearly support a direct cause and effect relationship. In this article, published evidence of a direct(More)
The comet assay measures DNA damage in individual cells (usually lymphocytes) and is widely used in biomonitoring studies. Lymphocytes are harvested and are usually cryopreserved for batch testing. We investigated cell loss during harvesting, cryopreservation, thawing, and washing of human peripheral lymphocytes and compared DNA damage, using the(More)
Oxidative stress is implicated in the aetiology of many diseases; however, most supplementation trials with antioxidant micronutrients have not shown expected beneficial effects. This randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled study evaluated acute effects (at 90, 180min and 24h [fasting] post-ingestion) of single doses of Vitamins C (500mg) and E(More)
There are a multitude of antioxidants in foods, especially in foods of plant origin. Higher intake of antioxidant-rich foods is clearly associated with better health and functional longevity. The specific agents and mechanisms responsible are not yet clear, but there is convincing evidence that including more plant-based, antioxidant-rich foods, herbs, and(More)
OBJECTIVE The belief that the full moon and disturbed behaviour are closely linked is alive and well, despite studies to the contrary. We investigated the possibility that there is an association between only extreme behavioural disturbance and the full moon. DESIGN, SETTING AND PARTICIPANTS We undertook an observational study of patients with violent and(More)
The efficacy of pregabalin in acute postsurgical pain has been demonstrated in numerous studies; however, the analgesic efficacy and adverse effects of using pregabalin in various surgical procedures remain uncertain. We aim to assess the postsurgical analgesic efficacy and adverse events after pregabalin administration under different surgical categories(More)
AIMS The onset of complications in Type 2 diabetes mellitus (DM) patients cannot be predicted in individuals. Evidence suggests a link between complications and hyperglycaemia, oxidative stress and antioxidants, but causality is unclear. This study investigated baseline (entry) fasting plasma ascorbic acid, lymphocytic DNA damage and glycaemic control in(More)
Green tea (Camellia sinensis) catechin profiles in plasma and urine following single dosing and regular ingestion of green tea are not clear. We performed a placebo-controlled intervention study with sixteen healthy volunteers to determine changes in total and free catechins after a single dose and following 1 week of twice-daily green tea. Blood and urine(More)
BACKGROUND Long-term opioid use for chronic non-cancer pain has increased substantially in recent years despite the paucity of strong supporting scientific data and concerns regarding adverse effects and potential misuse. STUDY DESIGN Review and summary of practice guidelines available on PubMed and Cochrane databases as well as on the Internet on chronic(More)