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An ultra-slow oscillation (<0.01 Hz) in the network-wide activity of dissociated cortical networks is described in this article. This slow rhythm is characterized by the recurrence of clusters of large synchronized bursts of activity lasting approximately 1-3 min, separated by an almost equivalent interval of relatively smaller bursts. Such rhythmic(More)
Earlier studies have shown that biofilms can mediate the larval settlement of the polychaete Hydroides elegans and that changes in the bacterial community structure and density of biofilms often alter the larval settlement response. However, the chemical cues that mediate this response remain unknown. In this study, both successional changes in the(More)
A device to facilitate high-density seeding of dissociated neural cells on planar multi-electrode arrays (MEAs) is presented in this paper. The device comprises a metal cover with two concentric cylinders-the outer cylinder fits tightly on to the external diameter of a MEA to hold it in place and an inner cylinder holds a central glass tube for introducing(More)
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