Siu-Wai Chiu

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Spent mushroom compost (SMC) is a bulky waste byproduct of mushroom industry and produced abundantly. The SMC of Pleurotus pulmonarius immobilized laccase (0.88 mmoles min(-1) g(-1)) and manganese peroxidase (0.58 mmoles min(-1) g(-1)) of which the optimal temperatures were 45 and 75 degrees C, respectively. In laboratory test, complete degradative removal(More)
Pentachlorophenol (PCP) has been widely used as a wood preservative since 1980s. Although it has been banned worldwide, residues of PCP are still commonly found. The spent compost of oyster mushroom Pleurotus pulmonarius (SMC) which was a degraded paddy straw-based substrate, contained 25% chitin. Five percentage of the SMC could remove 89.0 +/- 0.4% of 100(More)
OBJECTIVE: To review the donor and recipient selection criteria, surgical techniques, perioperative and post-operative management, and complications of lung/heart-lung transplantation. DATA SOURCES: Medline and non-Medline search of the relevant English literature, local data, and personal experience. STUDY SELECTION: Studies containing supporting evidence(More)
A 38-year-old man had been tetraplegic and ventilator-dependent after sustaining a traumatic cervical spine fracture at the C1/C2 level in 1991, at the age of 22 years. He had been bedbound and mechanically ventilated since then. A multidisciplinary management team approached him in 2003 and helped him to become ambulatory and independent in his daily(More)
INTRODUCTION Mushroom poisoning is a cause of major mortality and morbidity all over the world. Although Hong Kong people consume a lot of mushrooms, there are only a few clinical studies and reviews of local mushroom poisoning. This study aimed to review the clinical characteristics, source, and outcome of mushroom poisoning incidences in Hong Kong. (More)
Two batches of oil-contaminated soil collected from an industrial area and one pile of oil-contaminated soil in a power plant were treated by the spent compost of mushroom Pleurotus pulmonarius (SMC). SMC contained macronutrients for biostimulation, possessed 1.0-1.5 U mg(-1) laccase and 0.8-0.9 U mg(-1) manganese peroxidase for biodegradation and harboured(More)
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