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The objective of this paper is to illustrate that an electromagnetic macro modeling can properly predict the path loss exponent in a mobile cellular wireless communication [1]. Specifically, we illustrate that the path loss exponent in a cellular wireless communication is three preceded by a slow fading region and followed by the fringe region where the(More)
One hundred thirty blood samples from 87 patients with renal failure, but without abdominal pain, were analyzed for blood urea nitrogen (BUN), creatinine, amylase, p-isoamylase, and lipase simultaneously. We found that 74, 78, and 80% of the patients had hyperamylasemia, hyperisoamylasemia, and hyperlipasemia. None had amylase higher than five times the(More)
PtRu nanoparticles dispersed in CMK3 mesoporous carbons have been prepared via a CPDM (carbonization over poly-furfuryl alcohol-protected dispersed mixed metals) method. The as-synthesized CMK3 supported PtRu nanoparticles are characterized using tomography and cross-sectional TEM analysis and are compared against those synthesized by the conventional(More)
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