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A standard problem in hybrid control systems theory is to design discrete, or symbolic, feedback for a given continuous plant. When specifications are discrete, this problem can be solved by first approximating the continuous plant model by a (nondeterministic) automaton, and then synthesizing discrete (supervisory) control for the automaton. A necessary(More)
BACKGROUND Neonatal resuscitation knowledge and skills deteriorate after initial training. PURPOSE To evaluate the effectiveness of a computerized simulator system (ANAKIN) as a means for boosting neonatal resuscitation knowledge, skills, and self-reported confidence beliefs. METHOD A randomized pretest-posttest control group study design involving 60(More)
The RAVEN (remote aerial vehicle for environment-monitoring) project is to develop a ground-based mission management system and airborne surveillance payloads for effective operation of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in Canada's unique and harsh coastal environment. Research efforts focus on new, cost-effective technologies for commercial maritime(More)