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The performances of three types of magnetic gears (MGs), which are radial-flux MGs, transverse-flux MGs, and axial-flux MGs, are quantitatively analyzed and compared using 3-D finite-element method of magnetic field and mechanical motion coupled computation. To fairly compare the torque capability of different topologies of MGs, all the MGs under study have(More)
While a wealth of endeavors in optimization studies are devoted to the realization of the two ultimate goals, which are: 1) to minimize the distance between the found solutions from the true Pareto front and 2) to maximize the diversity among the found Pareto solutions in both objective and parameter spaces; only lukewarm efforts are given to the(More)
We report an enhanced magnetoelectric (ME) effect in a heterostructure consisting of a long-type, longitudinally-longitudinally polarized 0.71Pb(Mg(1∕3)Nb(2∕3))O(3)-0.29PbTiO(3) (PMN-PT) piezoelectric single-crystal transformer with its input part sandwiched between two longitudinally magnetized Tb(0.3)Dy(0.7)Fe(1.92) (Terfenol-D) magnetostrictive alloy(More)
This paper reports a thorough investigation into the magnetic field of an ac permanent-magnet contactor and its control principles. Such contactors offer many advantages over conventional electromagnetic contactors in terms of energy saving and reliability. The simulation model, which couples the interaction of the magnet, circuit, and motion, is(More)
Novel power-supply-free, surface-mount-type magnetoelectric passive current sensors were developed and integrated with a four-channel, 2.4-GHz wireless communication (transmitter and receiver) unit to form a new generation of wireless condition monitor for train traction systems. The wireless condition monitor was deployed in a field study on the East Rail(More)
A wireless energy transfer system based on resonant energy transfer technology for power transmission and recharging of electrical devices is studied. The relationship between the energy transfer efficiency and several key parameters of the system is analyzed using finite-element method. Thin film resonant cells, consisting of a tape coil on one layer,(More)
This paper presents a hybrid-excited electric continuous variable transmission system for hybrid electric vehicles. The key of this paper is to develop a machine with dual mechanical port and dual electrical port to allow the mechanical power from the internal combustion engine and the electrical power from the electricity storage system to be combined and(More)
Electric motors fabricated with aluminum-nickel-cobalt (AlNiCo) permanent magnets (PMs) can be operated over a wide speed range, as the strong nonlinear demagnetization characteristics of AlNiCo allow effective and efficient airgap flux control. This paper presents a linear hysteresis model which is derived from the Preisach model for AlNiCo PMs, to be(More)
In the existing resolution methodology for robust design optimizations, the procedures for solving robust optimization and uncertainty quantization as well as the use of high fidelity models are completely decoupled and independent from each other. As a result, the overall cost is typically the product of the costs of the three approaches. Such methodology(More)
To provide a fast robust optimizer for numerical solutions of inverse problems, a metaheuristic combining a clonal colony optimization methodology and a population based incremental learning method is proposed. In the proposed algorithm, a real-valued probability vector is introduced for the extension of each colony; a tournament-based mechanism is employed(More)