Siu-Cheung Chau

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We introduce a new family of interconnection networks that are Cayley graphs with xed degrees of any even number greater than or equal to 4. We call the proposed graphs cyclic-cubes because contracting some cycles in such a graph results in a generalized hypercube. These Cayley graphs have optimal fault tolerance and logarithmic diameters. For comparable(More)
In this paper a barcode-based system to help the visually impaired identity objects in the environment and navigate through unknown territories is introduced. The system is based on the idea of tagging the different objects with 2D barcodes. With the aid of a portable camera and a computing device, the system can recognize and relay the barcode content to(More)
In this paper, we present a novel approach to shape representation and description based on the combination of the Hilbert space filling curve and wavelet analysis. Our objective is to capitalize on the localization-preserving nature of the Hilbert space filling curve and the approximation power of the wavelet transform. The object image is scanned using(More)
A new layout method Prime-groups is proposed to evenly distribute parity groups for declustered RAID. Prime-groups satisfies most of the layout goals for a good declustered RAID layout. For the goals that are not satisfied, it is near optimal. A new layout goal maximal write and reconstruction parallelism is also proposed. If a layout satisfies the new(More)