Siu-Cheung Chau

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We introduce a new family of interconnection networks that are Cayley graphs with xed degrees of any even number greater than or equal to 4. We call the proposed graphs cyclic-cubes because contracting some cycles in such a graph results in a generalized hypercube. These Cayley graphs have optimal fault tolerance and logarithmic diameters. For comparable(More)
All-to-all broadcasting (Gossiping) is the process of information dissemination in a communication network. Each member in the network has a message to transmit to all other members of the network. We proposed a k-fault-tolerant scheme for a faulty d-dimensional hypercube with n = 2 d nodes where 0 ≤ k < d. The new scheme requires n(n − 1) fewer message(More)
Increasing number of organizations have computing clusters located in different places. The distance between the computing clusters can be quite far apart. The load in one cluster may be very high while the other clusters may have nothing running on the system. A higher throughput can be achieved if load balancing is added between the clusters. In this(More)
In this paper we present a novel approach to shape representation and description based on the combination of the Hilbert space filling curve and Wavelet analysis. Our objective is to capitalize on the localization-preserving nature of the Hilbert space filling curve and the approximation power of the Wavelet transform. The object image is scanned using the(More)