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Penggunaan otolit untuk penentuan umur dan waktu pemijahan ikan red devil, Amphilophus labiatus [Gunther, 1864] di Waduk Sermo, Yogyakarta [The use of otolith to determine age and spawning time of
The purpose of this study was to determine the age and spawning time of red devil (Amphilophus labiatus) based on the observation of the daily increment of otolith in juvenile fish. The sampling wasExpand
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Are Awaous ocellaris and Belobranchus belobranchus the two species of Nike fish schools
Investigating goby fish is vital to perform an integrated and comprehensive study in order to maintain the roles of the fish, thus providing balanced ecosystem functions and services, as well asExpand
Morphology and growth pattern of Nike fish (amphidromous goby larvae) in Gorontalo Waters, Indonesia
Nike is a terminology used by Gorontalo local community to name schooling of minuscule amphidromous goby fish that has a limited appearance in Gorontalo waters. Understanding the biologicalExpand
Polychromatic, sexual dimorphism and redescription species of red devil Amphilophus Amarillo [Stauffer & McKaye, 2002] in Sermo Reservoir, Yogyakarta
Red devil has been extensively researched due to extremely high morphometric and chromatophore variations, including the phenomena of polychromatic and trophic polymorphism. The purpose of this studyExpand
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