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DNA barcoding of Arius species (Siluriformes: Ariidae) found in Peninsular Malaysia waters, using mitochondrial Cytochrome oxidase subunit I gene.
Ariid catfishes are widely distributed in tropical and temperate continental shelves all over the world, mainly inhabiting inshore waters and estuarine regions, or in some cases confined toExpand
Food partitioning among fishes in Pahang River-estuary, Malaysia
A study was conducted on the food resource partitioning among fish species in Pahang River-estuary from 2010-2013 during pre-monsoon and post-monsoon period. The area was divided in three strataExpand
Studies of decapods diversity are important to understand the species composition in a particular habitat. However, this information is very minute in Pahang estuaries area. This study wasExpand
Morphological Variations of Plicofollis Species (Siluriformes: Ariidae) in Peninsular Malaysia: An Insight into Truss Network Approach
Ariid catfishes, belong to family Ariidae is considered as one of the taxonomically problematic groups, which is still under review by fish taxonomist globally. Species level identification of someExpand
Genetic Variation of Wild and Hatchery Populations of Climbing Perch, Anabas testudineus (Bloch, 1792), in Peninsular Malaysia
In order to increase the production of Anabas testudineus, selective breeding can be implemented to produce better performing stock. To initiate a successful selective breeding program, geneticExpand
Mineralogical study of Kemaman coastal sediments off Terengganu, Malaysia
The study was conducted to determine the mineral contents and the textural classes of the Kemaman coastal sediments. The samples were collected using Smith Mc Intyre grab on board KL PAUS ship ownedExpand
Morphological discriminations of arius species (siluriformes: ariidae) in Peninsular Malaysia using Truss network approach
Ariid catfishes, belongs to family Ariidae is considered as one of the taxonomically problematic group and still under review by fish taxonomist globally. A vigilant and detail observation isExpand