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OBJECTIVE The present study aims to determine the impact of loneliness on hypertension in later life. METHOD Data for this study are derived from a sample of 1,880 older Malaysians via a cross-sectional survey entitled "Patterns of Social Relationships and Psychological Well-Being Among Older Persons in Peninsular Malaysia." Loneliness is assessed by the(More)
OBJECTIVE The rapid expansion of the aged population in Malaysia is expected to greatly increase the number of persons with dementia in the country. However, data on dementia prevalence at the national level is lacking, and little is known about the sociodemographic risk factors and correlates of dementia. This paper describes a nationwide study of dementia(More)
BACKGROUND We examined the relationship between morale measured by the Philadelphia Geriatric Morale Scale (PGC) and disability, social support, religiosity, and personality traits. Instruments predicting morale were then tested against PGC domains. METHODS The study utilized a cross-sectional survey with a multistage cluster sampling design. Instruments(More)
BACKGROUND Research has found that physical health decline in later life is associated with poor psychological well-being. This study aimed to examine the possible moderating effect of Islamic religiosity on the relationship between chronic medical conditions and psychological well-being. METHODS The sample for this study consisted of 1415 elderly Malay(More)
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