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Xen is a virtual machine monitor that supports execution of multiple guest operating systems on the same computer hardware at the same time with unprecedented levels of performance and resource isolation. Honeypot is a decoy system, deployed throughout the network, which purposely built to attract and deceive computer intruders and malicious programs. In(More)
Sentiment analysis functions by analyzing and extracting opinions from documents, websites, blogs, discussion forums and others to identify sentiment patterns on opinions expressed by consumers. It analyzes people's sentiment and identifies types of sentiment in comments expressed by consumers on certain matters. This paper highlights comparative studies on(More)
Vulnerability Assessment (VAS) is a process to search for any potential loopholes contain in a system that lead to compromise it. It is important to do VAS on the system to make sure that it will be safely release and not offer any illegitimate access that can affect availability, confidentiality and integrity of the system[1][12]. VAS can be done by out(More)
GINA is a dynamic link library (DLL) and it is part of the Windows Operating System. GINA not only provides facilities for the user identification and authentication process but also provides user interface. Virtualization is a technology that allows various types of operating systems to share one computer at one time. Self-identity verification process is(More)
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