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Software traceability is becoming increasingly significant element in software development life cycle. From the software evolution point of view, software traceability is one of importance factor in facilitating software evolution. Unfortunately, practicing software traceability is much harder than it would appear. On the other hand, software evolution is(More)
Software evolution is inevitable. When a system evolves, there are certain relationships among software artifacts that must be maintained. Requirement traceability is one of the important factors in facilitating software evolution since it maintains the artifacts relationship before and after a change is performed. Requirement traceability can be expensive(More)
Administration module in Academic Information System (AIS) is one of modules in AIS to view academic data such as students, academic staff, courses, academic activities and curriculum information. This module is accessed by students, administration staff, faculty, and chairman of the department. Software usability as one of software quality aspects is very(More)
Internet code search is quite popular research area. StackOverflow allows developers to ask and answer questions about code. Previous approach to search code on StackOverflow uses tf-idf method that based on number of occurrences of words to recommend source code. This method has the disadvantage that variable or method identifiers are considered as normal(More)
Nowadays web based applications are widely used in education field. Web based applications are used primarily to support the business processes of educational institutions such as Academic Information System (AIS). However, not all of AIS is well managed. Therefore, we need an instrument that can measure the quality and ensure the quality of AIS. This paper(More)
In the age of 0-2 years, infants are introduced to foods. But parents could not give food carelessly because in this age infants are vulnerable to allergies. This condition causes parents to consider age and allergies in infant feeding. This application uses the forward chaining and backward chaining method to provide recommendations for infant nutrition in(More)
One of the difficulties that occur in the model is to decide the weights of quality characteristics. This is due to the interrelations existence among the quality factors based model ISO 9126. Each of these characteristics can influence or even contradict each other. The interrelations existence among the factors affects the weight of characteristics(More)
In this study, the techniques of migrating legacy software systems into web service-based architecture has been discussed. This procedure is carried out based on the fact that software and business companies want to migrate along with previous systems, to a more recent technology, which are of higher benefit to both businesses and their client. With the(More)
Nowadays, a web service is one of technologies that is reliable and promising in business practices. This is evidenced by the services created by the providers to support them. Web service similarity is very important to get a replacement Web service, when the web service used is disable. Web service similarity based on annotations and descriptions in this(More)
There are many algorithms used in software statistical testing such as: search algorithm, genetic algorithm, clustering algorithm, Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO), ant Colony Optimization (ACO) and so on. Based on research, ACO algorithm has been shown that it is outperforms the existing simulated annealing (search algorithm), genetic algorithm and other(More)