Siti Nurhaida Khalil

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Malaysian manufacturing sector has played an important role to boost up the economy at the domestic market. Today, the Malaysian manufacturing sector has facing the challenges that the manufacturing industry need to stay competitive to compete at the global market. Manufacturing cost of the company will directly effect on the company profit as well as(More)
The development of Artificial Intelligent (AI) technology system can be a wide scope; for an instant, there are rule-based expert system, frame-based expert system, fuzzy logic, neural network, genetic algorithm, etc. The remarkable achievement applications of AI has been reported in different disciplines including field of medicals, militaries, chemistry,(More)
Boiler is a device used for generating the steam for power generation, process use or heating, and hot water for heating purposes. Steam boiler consists of the containing vessel and convection heating surfaces only, whereas a steam generator covers the whole unit, encompassing water wall tubes, super heaters, air heaters and economizers. The selection of(More)
The turning machining process is an important process in the manufacturing industry. It is important to select the right tool for the turning process so that the manufacturing cost will be decreased. The main objective of this research is to select the most suitable machine tools with respect to user input requirement. The selection criteria are based on(More)
Travel with long hours will create discomfort feeling for passenger especially express bus passenger. Long hour travel will create physiological stress on passenger. It may due to seat space limitation, noise, vibration, seat hardness as well as seat comfort. Seat comfort is a subjective feeling that related to psychological aspect of passenger. In this(More)
Resource systems in manufacturing businesses need to be managed innovatively particularly when a range of products and services needs to be realized with minimum investment in resource systems. In this research, the primary form of active resource system, namely people, will be modelled with a view to facilitating efficient production. Humans play the key(More)
Predicting actual human performance in manufacturing plants is difficult and not a straightforward task. This motivates further investigation of ways of modelling, measuring and predicting behaviours of people working in production systems. People can be modelled in terms of their competences in relation to the roles they play in realising enterprise(More)
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