Siti Mariyam Hj. Shamsuddin

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3D object reconstruction is frequent used in various fields such as product design, engineering, medical and artistic applications. Numerous reconstruction techniques and software were introduced and developed. However, the purpose of this paper is to fully integrate an adaptive artificial neural network (ANN) based method in reconstructing and representing(More)
Most of the existing IDS use all the features in network packet to evaluate and look for known intrusion patterns. This data contains irrelevant and redundant features. Unfortunately, the drawback to this approach is a lengthy detection process. In real-time environment this may degrade the performance of an IDS. Thus, feature selection is required to(More)
Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) is a biologically inspired computational search and optimization method developed in 1995 by Eberhart and Kennedy based on the social behaviors of birds flocking or fish schooling. A number of basic variations have been developed due to improve speed of convergence and quality of solution found by the PSO. On the other(More)
Writer Identification (WI) is one of the areas in pattern recognition that have created a center of attention for many researchers to work in. Recently, its main focus is in forensics and biometric application, e.g. writing style can be used as biometric features for authenticating individuality uniqueness. Existing works in WI concentrate on feature(More)
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