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—Worldwide employment of mobile devices in various critical domains, particularly healthcare, disaster recovery, and education has revolutionized data generation rate. However, rapidly rising data volume intensifies data storage and battery limitations of mobile devices. Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC) as the state-of-the-art mobile computing aims to augment(More)
Mobile Cloud Computing alleviates the limitations of resource-constrained mobile devices by leveraging the cloud resources. Currently, software-level solutions, also known as computational offloading, migrate the cloud-based mobile applications at runtime to the cloud datacenter to optimize the application execution time. However, the application execution(More)
Virtualization efficiently manages the ever-increasing demand for storage, computing, and networking resources in large-scale Cloud Data Centers. Virtualization attains multifarious resource management objectives including proactive server maintenance, load balancing, pervasive service availability, power management, and fault tolerance by virtual machine(More)
The concept of edutainment or ''education and entertainment" is not new in a learning environment and its purpose is to make the learning process more enjoyable. This project integrated mobile game technology into a mobile learning system to make the learning process more fun and effective for its student end-users. The current generation prefers to spend(More)